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FAQ - Duty Free

What are the benefits of buying on Duty Free Way ?

Buying on Duty Free Way provides numerous advantages:

-Get a full VAT refund on the goods that you purchase

With Duty Free Way, you buy the goods including V.A.T. and get the full VAT refunded after you exit the French territory. This provides a discount of up to 17% over the standard retail price of most articles.

-Access a full and wide catalogue of products in various categories (fine food, fashion, technology, cosmetics)

Because Duty Free Way is on line, we can offer you a much wider catalogue than traditional shops at the airports. With Duty Free Way, you can really CHOOSE what you want to buy.

-Save time for the most interesting part of your trip

Is your trip too short to do everything what you’d love to do ? Duty Free Way delivers the products at central collecting points or even bring the products to partner hotels. Forget the hassle of searching for products while you have much better to do.

-Get a full V.A.T refund instead of a partial V.A.T. refund

Several retail stores offer a partial refund of V.A.T for non French residents. Usually, the refund is in the order of 12% of the purchased goods. Duty Free Way offers a FULL V.A.T REFUND. For most non-food products, V.A.T. is 20% of the price ex V.A.T., so the difference is very significant for you. The discount can amount to up to 17% of the price including taxes.

How does it work ?

Purchasing on Duty Free Way is simple and almost like on other e-commerce web sites.

1) Choose your product from a seller (collection point) that you’ve identified. The product will be delivered at the seller’s location.

2) Register and provide identification documents to prove that you are a non French resident.

3) You pay the full price including V.A.T. online with our secure paiement platform.

4) The goods are delivered at the point of collection that you chose. We inform you by email of the delivery of the product. Duty Free Way gives you a V.A.T. voucher which you will have to clear when you leave the French territory.

5) You collect the products and do not use nor consume the product before you leave France.

6) When you exit the French territory, you clear the V.A.T. voucher that we gave you with your product at a specified PABLO kiosk.

7) We refund you the V.A.T. of your products directly on your credit card account.

What are the conditions to buy on Duty Free Way ?

The conditions are determined by the French law for duty free and tax free shopping. The conditions are listed below:

1) You are a private person (as opposed to a company), above 18, and buy for your own consumption

2) You are non E.U. resident and can prove your country of residence with official documents, which we request you to upload on our site.

3) You buy the same day for a value of at least €175 including taxes.

4) Tax refunds to do not apply for sales of tobacco or alcohol.

How do I get the products that I bought ?

The products are delivered to a point of collection that you have chosen among the points of collection listed by Duty Free Way (also called “seller”).

Once the products are delivered at the points of collection, we inform you by email and you can pick-up the products.

There are several collection points. The main collection point in Paris is located at the following shop:

Duty Free Champs Elysées Paris

18, avenue Matignon

75008 Paris

Other location points are premium hotels such as the Hotel Belmont

How is the paiment made ?

The secured payment is made by debit or credit card (Visa). We use best of breed internet payment platforms to ensure the maximum level of security.

How do I get the VAT refunded ?

The V.A.T. is refunded automatically to your credit or debit card account once you leave the French territory.

Attention: the V.A.T can only be refunded if you clear the V.A.T. certificate that we provide you with your products when you leave the French territory.

How do I prove my exit of the French territory ?

By clearing your V.A.T. certificate when you exit the territory. The clearing happens at scanning kiosks named “Pablo”, operated by the French customs authority.

Duty Free Way is a website published by Amdamax, a company managed by Emmanuel Daugeras

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