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Tax Free in Paris Bon Marche, France

Eau de gentiane blanche, Gel douche corps et cheveux, 200 ml HERMES Tax Free price 29.04 € Tax Free price 33.08 USD
Plaid Serenity fausse fourrure, café ZOEPPRITZ Tax Free price 307.12 € Tax Free price 349.81 USD
Sac Odelia Java noir ABACO Tax Free price 479.60 € Tax Free price 546.26 USD
Sculpter & Illuminer Intensity TOM FORD Tax Free price 58.96 € Tax Free price 67.16 USD

Tax Free in Paris Sephora Champs Elysées, France

AllDayAllYear Sisley Tax Free price 222.64 € Tax Free price 253.59 USD
Démaquillant Yeuxultra-précis Sephora Tax Free price 4.36 € Tax Free price 4.97 USD
EcstasyLacquer RougeLaque GiorgioArmani Tax Free price 26.40 € Tax Free price 30.07 USD

Tax Free in Paris Galeries Lafayette - Paris Haussmann, France

Advanced Night Repair Complexe de reparation synchronisee II EstŽe Lauder Tax Free price 69.52 € Tax Free price 79.18 USD
Body Arum Sans Complexe Tax Free price 44.88 € Tax Free price 51.12 USD
Chemise slim motif fantaisie Levi'S Tax Free price 69.52 € Tax Free price 79.18 USD
Couteau Chef 20 cm Jean Dubost Tax Free price 15.31 € Tax Free price 17.44 USD
Deguisement Tortues Ninja : Panoplie classique : 3/4 ans Rubie's Tax Free price 17.59 € Tax Free price 20.04 USD
Digibirds : Cage collection 3 : Tutti Fruity Silverlit Tax Free price 15.83 € Tax Free price 18.03 USD
Drap de bain indigo - coton peigné 600 g/mé - uni Blanc Cerise Tax Free price 24.64 € Tax Free price 28.06 USD
Eco poéle Chef 28 cm Beka Tax Free price 92.40 € Tax Free price 105.24 USD
Figurine Cheval islandais : Poulain Schleich Tax Free price 4.39 € Tax Free price 5.00 USD
Friteuse DOMO DO461FR Domo Tax Free price 41.96 € Tax Free price 47.79 USD
Haut de maillot de bain Huit Bandeau Sunset Stripes Noir - -- Huit Huit Tax Free price 54.47 € Tax Free price 62.04 USD
Lampe BareFoot rose Present Time Tax Free price 34.32 € Tax Free price 39.09 USD
Leggings stretch 365 O'Neill Tax Free price 61.59 € Tax Free price 70.15 USD
Maillot de bain bandeau Twist Amael Solenzara Livia Monte Carlo Tax Free price 54.56 € Tax Free price 62.14 USD
Manteau droit en tweed Best Mountain Tax Free price 57.16 € Tax Free price 65.11 USD
Portefeuille en cuir Européen Mywalit Tax Free price 57.20 € Tax Free price 65.15 USD
Renergy 3D Yeux - Soin Lifting Lanceme Tax Free price 57.64 € Tax Free price 65.65 USD
Robe fleurs Elsie Lauren Ralph Lauren Tax Free price 132.00 € Tax Free price 150.35 USD
Sac à dos Multicolor Pop Supe Design Tax Free price 79.20 € Tax Free price 90.21 USD
Sac pochette effet cuir Incarnation 5 Christian Lacroix Tax Free price 148.72 € Tax Free price 169.39 USD
Sac shopping Adéle Lancaster Tax Free price 148.72 € Tax Free price 169.39 USD
Sac shopping porte main Galeries Lafayette Tax Free price 61.59 € Tax Free price 70.15 USD
Sweat shirt Copper Label Fastback Superdry Tax Free price 79.20 € Tax Free price 90.21 USD
Tee-shirt ample en jersey fluide perles Esprit Tax Free price 35.19 € Tax Free price 40.08 USD
Tee-shirt bi-matiere TORI viscose New Man Tax Free price 66.00 € Tax Free price 75.17 USD
Tee-shirt uni à manches longues Kid'S Graffiti Tax Free price 3.95 € Tax Free price 4.50 USD

Tax Free in London Harrods London, United Kingdom

Cerise 28cm Round Casserole Dish Le Creuset Tax Free price 145.20 GBP Tax Free price 181.34 € Tax Free price 206.55 USD
Cheek To Chic Blusher Charlotte Tilbury Tax Free price 26.40 GBP Tax Free price 32.97 € Tax Free price 37.55 USD
Clinique Smart™ SPF 15 Custom Moisturizer Very Dry - Combination Skin Clinique Tax Free price 39.60 GBP Tax Free price 49.46 € Tax Free price 56.33 USD
Daily Damage Defence (250ml) Philip Kingsley Tax Free price 17.38 GBP Tax Free price 21.71 € Tax Free price 24.73 USD
Diamond Illusion Pearl Ring Redline Tax Free price 215.60 GBP Tax Free price 269.26 € Tax Free price 306.69 USD
Dunoon Cocoon Coat Mackintosh Tax Free price 484.00 GBP Tax Free price 604.47 € Tax Free price 688.49 USD
Eau Micellaire Express Cleansing Water Lancôme Tax Free price 23.76 GBP Tax Free price 29.67 € Tax Free price 33.79 USD
EGF Platinum 7 Nurse Jamie Tax Free price 209.88 GBP Tax Free price 262.12 € Tax Free price 298.55 USD
La Coffret L’Ambre L'Artisan Parfumeur Tax Free price 57.20 GBP Tax Free price 71.44 € Tax Free price 81.37 USD
Laine de Verre (EDP, 50ml – 100ml) Serge Lutens Tax Free price 82.72 GBP Tax Free price 103.31 € Tax Free price 117.67 USD
Leather Oxford Brogue Magnanni Tax Free price 242.00 GBP Tax Free price 302.24 € Tax Free price 344.25 USD
Maidmoise Short Sweater Maje Tax Free price 183.92 GBP Tax Free price 229.70 € Tax Free price 261.63 USD
Original Santal (250ml, Splash) CREED Tax Free price 250.80 GBP Tax Free price 313.23 € Tax Free price 356.77 USD
Rhinestone Halter Maxi Dress MICHAEL Michael Kors Tax Free price 145.20 GBP Tax Free price 181.34 € Tax Free price 206.55 USD
Rocky Riding Dragon (70cm) Steiff Tax Free price 421.52 GBP Tax Free price 526.44 € Tax Free price 599.62 USD
Si (EDP, 30ml – 100ml) Giorgio Armani Beauty Tax Free price 40.48 GBP Tax Free price 50.56 € Tax Free price 57.59 USD

Tax Free in Monaco Comtesse du barry - Monaco, France

Whole goose foie gras from South-West of France - 90g Comtesse du Barry Tax Free price 21.03 € Tax Free price 23.95 USD