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Tax Free in Paris Bon Marche, France

Baume, Strawberry ROSEBUD Tax Free price 9.68 € Tax Free price 11.03 USD
Bottine Asimina ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY Tax Free price 114.40 € Tax Free price 130.30 USD
Sac cabas Carryover PIERRE HARDY Tax Free price 660.00 € Tax Free price 751.74 USD
Sweat superior ETRE CECILE Tax Free price 149.60 € Tax Free price 170.39 USD

Tax Free in Paris Sephora Champs Elysées, France

Nahéma Eau de Parfum GUERLAIN Tax Free price 70.36 € Tax Free price 80.14 USD
PreciousOud Eau de Parfum VanCleef&Arpels Tax Free price 95.88 € Tax Free price 109.21 USD

Tax Free in Paris Galeries Lafayette - Paris Haussmann, France

Bottines Drisana Jonak Tax Free price 113.52 € Tax Free price 129.30 USD
Boucles d'oreilles enfant papillon mauve Argent 925/00 Tousmesbijoux Tax Free price 16.72 € Tax Free price 19.04 USD
Boutons de manchette ronds en rhodié Stahl Design Tax Free price 52.80 € Tax Free price 60.14 USD
Cabas zippé Chantaco Lacoste Tax Free price 242.00 € Tax Free price 275.64 USD
Cocotte ovale 29cm 4.7L palm Le Creuset Tax Free price 227.92 € Tax Free price 259.60 USD
Concentre de parfum Esprit de the Esteban Paris Parfums Tax Free price 8.45 € Tax Free price 9.62 USD
Coussin de voyage Katagami Dandy Nomad Tax Free price 26.31 € Tax Free price 29.97 USD
Cravate fine en maille tricot de pure soie à pois Bruce Field Tax Free price 25.52 € Tax Free price 29.07 USD
Culotte haute Catherine Les Jupons De Tess Tax Free price 74.80 € Tax Free price 85.20 USD
DIESEL ROLLCAGE DZ1716 Diesel Tax Free price 139.92 € Tax Free price 159.37 USD
Drap housse percale de coton Absolument Maison Tax Free price 23.76 € Tax Free price 27.06 USD
Figurine Sanglier : Duo de Marcassins Papo Tax Free price 4.39 € Tax Free price 5.00 USD
Homme Sweat Les Twins Beast Blaze - ECATWINBIS SW Eleven Paris Tax Free price 74.80 € Tax Free price 85.20 USD
Idylle - Extrait GUERLAIN Tax Free price 109.56 € Tax Free price 124.79 USD
Jeans Scotch & Soda Ralston slim fit Scotch And Soda Tax Free price 113.52 € Tax Free price 129.30 USD
Jouet Empil' Bulles magique Rose Lansay Tax Free price 3.07 € Tax Free price 3.50 USD
Jupe en jean broderie et noeud Catimini Tax Free price 48.40 € Tax Free price 55.13 USD
Madura Enveloppe De Coussin Singita Madura Tax Free price 19.01 € Tax Free price 21.65 USD
Madura Sac Esmeralda Madura Tax Free price 104.72 € Tax Free price 119.28 USD
Montre DKNY NY2169 Dkny Tax Free price 104.72 € Tax Free price 119.28 USD
Pantalon cargo coupe large bas resserrable et zip Le Temps Des Cerises Tax Free price 61.60 € Tax Free price 70.16 USD
Pendentif Diamant Pakita Platine 0.40 Carat Celinni Tax Free price 1.76 € Tax Free price 2.00 USD
Polo à rayures OLYMPE coton New Man Tax Free price 74.80 € Tax Free price 85.20 USD
Polo droit en coton piqué Mcs Tax Free price 43.12 € Tax Free price 49.11 USD
Sac trotteur Metro Hedgren Tax Free price 61.51 € Tax Free price 70.06 USD
Soutien-gorge corbeille Réchauffe-moi Playboy Tax Free price 33.44 € Tax Free price 38.09 USD
Tabouret de bar vintage réglable Marx Canon-de-fusil Drawer Tax Free price 128.44 € Tax Free price 146.29 USD
Veste Marciano Shawl Neck Marciano Guess Tax Free price 210.32 € Tax Free price 239.55 USD

Tax Free in London Harrods London, United Kingdom

Animal Fantasy Neoprene Sweater Valentino Tax Free price 615.12 GBP Tax Free price 768.23 € Tax Free price 875.01 USD
Beaumont Striped Snake-Effect Court Kurt Geiger London Tax Free price 193.60 GBP Tax Free price 241.79 € Tax Free price 275.40 USD
Chunky Laceless Shoe DSquared2 Tax Free price 462.00 GBP Tax Free price 577.00 € Tax Free price 657.20 USD
Clara Whispering Contour Balconette Bra Stella McCartney Lingerie Tax Free price 84.48 GBP Tax Free price 105.51 € Tax Free price 120.18 USD
Embroidered Guest Towel Harrods Tax Free price 5.50 GBP Tax Free price 6.87 € Tax Free price 7.82 USD
Julea Wool Blazer BOSS Womenswear Tax Free price 325.60 GBP Tax Free price 406.64 € Tax Free price 463.16 USD
Le Soin Noir Renewal Serum Givenchy Tax Free price 236.72 GBP Tax Free price 295.64 € Tax Free price 336.73 USD
Multi Compartment Travel Wallet Valextra Tax Free price 0.88 GBP Tax Free price 1.10 € Tax Free price 1.25 USD
Pleats Please (EDT, 30ml – 100ml) Issey Miyake Tax Free price 40.48 GBP Tax Free price 50.56 € Tax Free price 57.59 USD
Polka Dot Mesh Bow T-shirt Red Valentino Tax Free price 176.00 GBP Tax Free price 219.81 € Tax Free price 250.36 USD
Small Roxette Calf Tote Mulberry Tax Free price 875.60 GBP Tax Free price 1,093.54 € Tax Free price 1.14 USD
Strappy Cotton Vest Harrods of London Tax Free price 13.16 GBP Tax Free price 16.43 € Tax Free price 18.71 USD
The Lifting Contour Serum Grande (75ml) Crème de la Mer Tax Free price 413.60 GBP Tax Free price 516.55 € Tax Free price 588.35 USD
Uomo Christmas Set (EDT, 100ml) Valentino Tax Free price 38.06 GBP Tax Free price 47.53 € Tax Free price 54.14 USD
Vinum Viognier/Chardonnay Glasses (2 Pack) Riedel Tax Free price 31.64 GBP Tax Free price 39.51 € Tax Free price 45.00 USD

Tax Free in Bordeaux Comtesse du barry - Bordeaux, France

Block of duck foie gras from South-West of France - 100g Comtesse du Barry Tax Free price 12.23 € Tax Free price 13.93 USD